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Readi Wrapz Pre knotted



Hi, my Name is Anita and I am the founder of Readi Wrapz. My husband and I run our family business. Readi Wrapz are pre-knotted hair wraps. So you can get the knotted ball affect without the hassle of trying to knot it. Readi Wrapz is a business founded on obedience. In 2015 I was given an ultimatum and that was to stay at my job as an Administrative Assistant or to go home and commit to my role as a full-time mom. It was really tough to choose because I wanted to be a help to my husband, But I also had a 9-month-old who needed me too. So with this dilemma weighing on me every day, God was kind enough to give me a dream telling me exactly what to do. In this dream, I was given an offer and turned it down, Because of my obedience I was blessed. The following day I went to work and was given an offer. Doing as I was told I turned the offer down. From there I started on my path to committing wholeheartedly to my role as a stay at home mom. This didn't last long. Due to doubt, I went back to work. This cycle lasts for about 2 years.  After all of the dead-end jobs and not having enough time with my kids, I decided to let it go once and for all, and that is when it happened. God begin to deal with me in my thoughts about Readi Wrapz. He gave me a specific technique and I tried it. It was Amazing! Readi Wrapz was born. So here you have it! when I was ready to obey God, he gave me Readi Wrapz! 


Knot Size,

All knot sizes are depending on the fabric. They are standard size based on the fabric. Example: if the fabric is thicker you’re going to get a bigger knot if the fabric is thinner you’re going to get a smaller knot. We do not sell the wraps based on the knot size unless you are purchasing a XL. If you see and XL next to the name than it is an extra large knot in which the price is double. Pictures posted are only for you to see the style/pattern.

S, M & L is based on Anita's judgment. Your judgment may very.


Thank You

Anita & Chris



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  Stockton, CA

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