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**Reminders **

Hello Readiwrapz Family,

A. Restock days/ Time is Monday through  Thursday

@3pm Pacific Standard Time  featuring  $20+ wraps on select days.

B. We have KNOT sizes Standard or XL.

XL is not avavible for all Readiwrapz.

Standard knots have standard price and XL knot has double the standard price. This is because double fabric is use to create XL knot.

C. Please note: The type of fabric determines the standard size knot for that fabric type. Price of Readiwrapz are based of wholesale price of fabric....

Meaning If I paid $20 for the fabric it wont be sold to you for $10.

D. Please note shipping is 7 to 10 business days. All tracking is sent via email address/ phone number.

Please contact us only after the 10th day if needing confirmation of order.

Contact use via: wix app or

Thank You


Anita & Chris

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