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Readiwrapz Family!

As previously stated we are NO longer making accommodations, providing credits or giving free wraps to supplement shipping fees. Each order placed will require a shipping fee. Shipping starts at $6 and varies based on this state you live in or your total order.

God Bless Readiwrapz Anita & Chris

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Order Announcements

Hi Readi Wrapz family! Orders are being shipped daily. If it's been 7 to 10 business days, not counting weekends and you have not received your package or a email with tracking please contact us dire


Hi this is Anita with Readi Wrapz inviting you to come shop with us! We have a lot of new wraps available and will be posting new ones all this week! So don't miss out you know they go fast! Looking f

Hey Family!!!!

How y’all doing this far into 2021? As for us we are Blessed 🙌🏾💕 Readiwrapz are now available


I didn’t know it was an option in the first place. 😊 I think your customer service is amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing!


Nicole Leavelle
Nicole Leavelle
Jun 04, 2020

Erica, the site opens Monday-Thursday at 3pm PST. You can order then.


Why was that even an option?


NP can we more solid colors. Thanks


I just want to purchase some wraps and go on My way. How soon until the Wraps would be available?

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